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Jose-Manuel Alonso MD, PhD
SUNY Optometry, Biological Sciences
Current Position: Professor of Biological Sciences
Research: visual cortex thalamus attention receptive field
Jacob (Jack) Aranda MD, PhD, FRCPC, FAAP
SUNY Downstate, Neonatology
Current Position: Professor of Pediatrics and Director of Neonatology
Research: Retinopathy of Prematurity
Current research focuses on the molecular and clinical pharmacology of… More
Benjamin Backus PhD
SUNY Optometry, Vision Sciences
Current Position: Associate Professor
Research: binocular vision, perception, stereoscopic vision, stereopsis, perceptual learning, depth perception, cue recruitment, classical conditioning, recovery of visual function
The Backus Lab does basic and clinically relevant research on… More
Robert Baier PhD
SUNY Buffalo, Biomaterials Graduate Program
Current Position: Professor of Biomaterials
Research: Biomaterials, Lubricity, Tear Film, Cornea, Retinal Implants, Wetting, Spreading, Adhesion, Contact Lenses, Itraocular Lenses, Biocompatibility, Infrared Spectroscopy, Critical Surface Tension
Anterior tear film structure and properties, cornea surface properties, ophthalmic… More
Travis Bailey PhD
SUNY Geneseo, Biology
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Research: Retina; development; degeneration; regeneration; Müller glia; retinal stem cell; retinal progenitor cell
Zebrafish spontaneously regenerate lost neurons following trauma and are tractable… More
Randall Barbour PhD
SUNY Downstate, Department of Pathology
Current Position: Professor and CEO
Research: Functional imaging, biomedical optics, NIRS tomography.
Development of system hardware, software and applications applied to functional… More
Ann Barker-Griffith MD
SUNY Upstate, Ophthalmology
Current Position: Professor of Ophthalmology, Director, Eye Pathology Laboratory & Professor of Pathology
Research: eye pathology; glaucoma, electron microscopy, vitreous anatomy
Research is continuing on the "Preparation and Imaging of Biological… More
Alexandra Benavente-Perez MCOptom MS PhD
SUNY Optometry, Department of Vision Sciences
Current Position: Assistant Clinical Professor
Research: refractive error development, myopia, emmetropization, peripheral refraction, ocular blood flow, vascular autoregulation, choroidal thickness measured using OCT
My main interests are emmetropization, the active visual control of… More
Magnus Bergkvist PhD
SUNY College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, Nanobioscience
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Research: Nano/micro particles for drug delivery/imaging; tissue engineering scaffolds & systems; biosensors;MEMS fabrication;nanofabrication; surface chemistry & polymer thin films.
The Bergkvist Lab is involved in several research thrusts: i)… More
Audrey Bernstein PhD
SUNY Upstate, Ophthalmology
Current Position: Associate Professor
Research: cornea, wound healing; fibrosis; scarring; ubiquitin; glaucoma; autophagy
The role of protein aggregation in eye disease: The central… More

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