SEI Transgenics Core


Core Director(s): 

 Michael Zuber, PhD, Upstate (Xenopus)

 Barry Knox, PhD, Upstate (Xenopus)

 Francesca Pignoni, PhD, Upstate (Drosophila)

 Eduardo Solessio, PhD, Upstate (Rodent Physiological Analysis)

Phone:      (315) 464-5242

Location:   Upstate Medical University



Key functional capabilities of this core are:


(1)  preparation of transgenic invertebrate and vertebrate animal models;
(2)  analysis of transgenic invertebrate (Drosophila) and vertebrate (Xenopus, rodent) animal models; and

(3)  analysis of rodent strains already under study in SEI laboratories. 


All analyses can be performed in live preparations, as well as in the intact animal. This core also collects ocular tissue for analysis by the Imaging and Structural Analysis core, establishing an efficient pipeline for understanding both normal and pathological conditions. The Transgenic core coordinates the production of animals with investigators, and hosts these scientists during data acquisition as necessary. The technical staff provides expertise to perform experiments and to train PIs and associated research scientists as needed.



State University of New York Medical Centers & College of Optometry Consortium

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