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Mark Emerson PhD
The City College of New York, City University of New York, Biology
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Research: retina; development; cone photoreceptors; retinal progenitor cells; electroporation; cisregulatory modules
Our research is focused on understanding the genetic and cellular… More
Craig Evinger PhD
SUNY Stony Brook, Neurobiology & Behavior
Current Position: Professor Neurobiolology & Behavior and Ophthalmology
Research: blink, trigeminal, cornea, dry eye, benign essential blepharospasm, eyelid, eye movements
Investigations in our lab focus on changes in trigeminal blinking… More
Bart Farell PhD
SUNY Upstate, Ophthalmology
Current Position: Research Associate Professor at the Institute for Sensory Research
Research: vision; psychophysics; depth perception; color vision; motion perception; object identification; shape identification; visual noise analysis; processing efficiency; cognition
My research area is visual psychophysics. The aim is to… More
Steven Fliesler PhD
SUNY Buffalo, Research Service- VAWNYHS
Current Position: Meyer H. Riwchun Endowed Chair Professor and Vice-Chair of Ophthalmology; Director of Research, Ira G. Ross Eye Institute Vision Research Center; and Professor, Department of Biochemistry
Research: retina; cholesterol; photoreceptor; lipid metabolism; retinal degeneration; animal models
Our lab is focused on studies of retinal degenerations caused… More
John Hoepner MD
SUNY Upstate, Ophthalmology
Current Position: Emeritus Professor and Chair of the Department Ophthalmology
Research: Cataract surgery glaucoma retinal electrophysiology
Zihua Hu PhD
SUNY Buffalo, Dept. of Ophthalmology; Center for Computational Research, New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Research: Genomics, computational approach, gene expression, transcriptional regulatory network, large-scale sequence analyses, transcriptional regulation, post-transcriptional regulation, high-throughput, systems biology, brain, retinal gene expression, microRNA.
I am currently pursuing a variety of computational and genomics… More
Dale Hunter PhD, JD
SUNY Upstate, Ophthalmology
Current Position: Senior Research Scientist
Research: retinal development; macular degeneration; extracellular matrix; early nervous system development; intellectual property
I have published more than 40 manuscripts in neuroscience, the… More
Leslie Hyman PhD
SUNY Stony Brook, Epidemiology
Current Position: Professor, Division Head
Research: Eye Disease, Epidemiology, Clinical Trials, and Ophthalmologic/Vision-related Research
Dr. Hyman has devoted her career to the study of… More
Barry Knox PhD
SUNY Upstate, Neuroscience
Current Position: Professor and Chair of Neuroscience and Physiology
Research: Visual transduction, Gene Expression, Membrane proteins
Our laboratory is studying light transduction and development in the… More
Philip Kruger OD, PhD
SUNY Optometry, Vision Sciences
Current Position: Professor of Vision Science
Research: accommodation, blur, wavefront aberration, optical vergence, chromatic aberration, models of the eye, Stiles-Crawford effect, pupil, emmetropization, myopia, animal models, neurophysiology
Optical Signals for Accommodation and Emmetropization. Mechanisms & Pathways for… More

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