History of the Concept of the SUNY Eye Institute


The SEI was started with faculty initiative from the ground up approach starting in late 2007.

Drs. William Brunken, Robert Barlow and John Hoepner Meet in Syracuse 

November 2007

Drs. Robert Barlow, William Brunken and Douglas Lazzaro Meet in Brooklyn 

May 2008

Dean Taylor Supports Project Concept and Recommends Inclusion of the College of Optometry

May 2008

AMC Planning Council Empanels a Task Force on SEI

October 2008

Drs. Robert Barlow, William Brunken and Steven Fliesler Meet

December 2008

SEI Task Force Meets

January 2009

Drs. Willliam Brunken and Douglas Lazzaro Report on SEI progress

February 2009

ARVO Meeting of the SEI Faculty

May 2009

Adoption of the SEI Concept for Broader Impacts - REACH

June 2009

Official Creation of the SEI

July/August 2009

SEI Steering Committee Meeting via conference call

September 2009

AHC Meeting and Report on Progress of SEI
(Dr. Steven Goodman presented)

October 2009

SEI Inaugural Workshop Held at the College of Optometry in Manhattan, NY

November 2009

State University of New York Medical Centers & College of Optometry Consortium

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