SEI Imaging & Structural Analysis Core


Imaging & Structural Analysis


Core Director(s): 

 William Brunken, PhD, Downstate

 Gary Matthews, PhD, Stony Brook

 Wendy Akmentin, Stony Brook (structural analysis)

Phone:      (718) 221-5328

Location:   Downstate Medical Center ( and
                Stony Brook University (



When fully implemented, the key functional capabilities of this core will be:


(1)  Imaging; in vivo imaging of ocular tissues including anterior and posterior chamber, and the posterior pole (retina) using conventional photography and spectral domain OCT;

(2)  Computational Support for light and confocal data analysis, including 3D rendering, volume deconvolution of light and confocal data; and

(3)  Structural Analysis by electron microscopy (transmission and scanning), including tissue preparation, sectioning, and microscopy.


State University of New York Medical Centers & College of Optometry Consortium

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