Patrick Sibony MD
SUNY Stony Brook, Ophthalmology
Current Position: Professor and Chair
Keywords Research Areas: Clinical Neuro-ophthalmology and Orbital Diseases
Research Focus:
  • Ocular Systems and Neuro-Ophthalmology
Clinical Relevance:
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology
Synopsis Of Research:
Currently interested in the biomechanical disturbances of the optic disc in optic neuropathies including papilledema, ischemic optic neuropathy and congenital disc anomalies; Geometric Morphometric analysis of the optic disc; OCT study group in the Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension Treatment Trial.
Current Or Representative Publications:
  1. Sibony PA, Evinger CE. Hoyt and Walsh’s Clinical Neuro-ophthalmology. 5th Edition. Anatomy and Physiology of Normal and Abnormal Eyelid Position and Movement, Miller N (ed). Chapter 38, volume 1,  Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, 1998.
  2. Pecora L, Sibony P, Fourman S. Eye rubbing optic neuropathy. Am J Ophthalmology 2002; 134:460-462. See Erratum AJO 2003: 136, p404.
  3. Sibony P, Shindo M. Orbital osteoma with gaze-evoked amaurosis. Arch Ophthalmology 2004; 122:788-789
  4. Sibony P, Halperin J, Coyle PK, Patel K. Reactive Lyme serology in Optic Neuritis. J Neuro-ophthalmology 2005; 25:71-82. [see editorial: Pachner AR. Defining the Spectrum of Lyme Disease 2005; 25:67-68]
  5. Sibony P, Fourman S, Honkanen R, El Baba F. Asymptomatic peripapillary subretinal hemorrhages. J Neuro-ophthalmology. 2008; 28:114-119.

State University of New York Medical Centers & College of Optometry Consortium

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