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Andrea Viczian PhD
SUNY Upstate, Ophthalmology
Current Position: Assistant Professor
Research: stem cells; ectoderm; epidermis; cone photoreceptor; photoreceptor; mouse; frog; xenopus; retina; development; embryo; otx2; crx; noggin; eye field; transcription factor; extrinsic factor; intrinsic factor; transplantation; differentiation; specification;
Our lab is interested in cone photoreceptor cell formation in… More
Suresh Viswanathan BOpt, MS, PhD, FAAO
SUNY Optometry, Biological and Visual Sciences
Current Position: Associate Professor and Chair
Research: Electroretinogram, Visually Evoked Potential, Glaucoma, Optic Neuropathy
Research in the Viswanathan lab focuses on developing tests for… More
Joshua J. Wang MD, MS
SUNY Buffalo, Ophthalmology and Internal Medicine
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Research
Research: diabetic retinopathy; vascular; endothelial; angiogenesis; inflammation; endoplasmic reticulum; oxidation
My research focuses on studying the diabetic related vascular complications,… More
Thomas White PhD
SUNY Stony Brook, Physiology and Biophysics
Current Position: Associate Professor of Physiology and Biophysics
Research: connexin, lens, epidermis, gap junction, transgenic mice, genetic disease, deafness
Intercellular channels present in gap junctions allow cells to share… More
Lonnie Wollmuth PhD
SUNY Stony Brook, Neurobiology and Behavior
Current Position: Professor of Neurobiology & Behavior
Research: interneurons glutamatergic synapses post-synaptic density parvalbumin positive somatostatin positive fast spiking regular spiking plasticity
Interneurons are key regulators of local circuits in the visual… More
Suh-Yuh Wu MA
SUNY Stony Brook, Preventive Medicine & Ophthalmology
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor
Research: epidemiology, glaucoma, lens opacities, refractive errors, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, visual impairment
ophthalmic epidemiology, cancer research, case-control studies, longitudinal cohort studies, population-based… More
Youping Xiao PhD
SUNY Downstate, Ophthalmology
Current Position: Associate Professor
Research: visual cortex; neural circuits and computation; color; visual prothesis
The primate visual system is composed of more than 30… More
Qasim Zaidi PhD
SUNY Optometry, Graduate Center for Vision Research
Current Position: SUNY Distinguished Professor
Research: Color Perception, 3-D Shape Perception, Visuo-haptic Interactions, Cortical Decoding of Color, Neural models of 3-D shape perception, Dimensionality of Neural Processing.
Using psychophysical experiments, I try to decipher the visual strategies… More
Gregory Zelinsky PhD
SUNY Stony Brook, Psychology
Current Position: Associate Professor of Psychology (Cognitive)
Research: eye movements, visual attention, visual search, visual working memory, scene perception
Visual cognition (attention, search, scene perception, and visual working memory),… More
Sarah Xin Zhang MD
SUNY Buffalo, Ophthalmology
Current Position: Associate Professor
Research: Diabetic retinopathy; age-related macular degeneration; unfolded protein response; inflammation; angiogenesis; blood-retinal barrier; RPE; neuroprotection
ER stress and the UPR signaling in retinal neurovascular injury… More

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